Aug 10 , 2016

In the past month, I have met so many talented and creative individuals.  From artist to dancers; each individual has impacted my life in a special way. I am truly delighted to feature Alvin “Alcasso” Washington on the blog.  He is a young artist who has a passion for art.  He started painting in high school where he received the name Alcasso.  Much like the “Art” post I did a few months ago; Alcasso pieces are truly unique.  He has an array of paintings including his signature piece of rapper J Cole. Super DOPE! 

I couldn’t be more thrilled when Alcasso decided to gift me with a painting for my 30th birthday.  All of his pictures display his love for music and his colorful sense of imagery.  He is a poet, and each one of his paintings tells a story.  When asked what ignited his passion and love for art, he replied, “I wanted art to be a thing again.  To me, art is following my heart. Art is freedom.  I want the world to be free again!”  I am truly thankful to have met Alcasso and look forward to the many other projects we will be working on.  Check out my amazing birthday gift he gave me.  You can find some of his amazing pieces HERE!

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