FACE The World

FACE The World

Jun 18 , 2018

I never thought this would be my story.  How is it that I left my job of five years with hopes of transforming women all over the world, and now I have my own transformation to deal with? Life has a funny way of hitting us all. However, like the Earth it’s always something thats pulling on us and keeping us on the ground.  Some may say its gravity, but for me, in this moment it’s my daughter. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to lose it (ok sometimes I did), but I always felt it was a bigger purpose why this happened.  A purpose that I probably would never understand. A purpose that instead of running from it, I decided to at least try to understand it and learn. So, here we are emerged and ready to FACE the world.

When I decided to do this shoot, I wanted to illustrate the beauty in pain. The makeup artist behind the shoot (Nikki Makeup Lounge ) did just that.  Seeing my daughter face in a burned state was and still is the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced.  As much as she get compliments on how beautiful she is or how much people say her short hair is the cutest ever; none of it erase the pain she probably feels internally when people mistake her for being a boy, or refer to her as “HIM”.  Lets not even begin with the stares when we are out in public.  Through it all, there’s certain things you learn through suffering.  The face tells so much, and to see my daughter face every morning fills me with joy and has helped me overcome some of my own insecurities.  See, if someone can wake up with a smile on their face every morning and look in the mirror with  hopes of conquering the day despite their current circumstance (whatever that may be) why can’t we?  Scars represent something deeper then the inflection itself. It tells the story of what is and shows the beauty in what it could be; healing. Its a beautiful and humbling place to be in (for me at least); reminding us why we should never take anything for granted. Besides, will we ever really be healed from everything in this world?

As you FACE the world, I encourage you to be brave, love yourself and those around you.  While makeup, clothes, and all of the other things we love on this earth satisfies our ego for the moment; don’t let it define who you are. We all have “scars” we are trying to overcome, but just remember there’s more complexity in simplicity (thank my brother Nasim for that one). Try not to further complicate life by focusing on what you’re lacking, rather focus on what you have and discover your purpose. For the blemishes of life is like magic: It’s not about what you see, it’s what you’re not looking for. Lets FACE it!


Makeup: Nikki Makeup Lounge:

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Shirt: SheThoro

Skirt: Forever 21

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