Aug 18 , 2020

“FOUR WOMEN” is not only one of my favorite Nina Simone’s songs, but a song released April 1966 that told the stories of Black womanhood in America. Nina took us down memory lane with her electrifying storytelling, reminding us of the pain and suffering that African American women faced. From inequality to racial injustice, the song criticizes the stereotypes of black women, all while serving as a tribute to real women.

August 2020, I turn THIRTY-FOUR. While this year has had its ups and downs, I’m thankful “FOUR WOMEN”. That song not only serves as a reminder of how far we’ve come, but is an anthem affirming our existence, our sanity, and our determination to survive. In honor of Nina Simone’s legacy and her song, I decided to pay homage to “Four Women” Bosses who are “Just Doing It.” I thought it would be cool to celebrate other women and not only put their brands on display, but to also show that Black womanhood is still relevant TODAY!!

Job Well Done Ladies

Neon TuTu Dress- @avnah 🌹

Vintage Neon Purse & Sneaker Money Pouch- @melissachanel @kicksandfros 🌹

Hustle T-Shirt- @cinquantacoxsmith @coinsandconnections 🌹

Glambitious T-Shirt- @glambitiousiam @lilliemaepr @iamlilliemae 🌹

Makeup- @enhancebylai 🌹

Hair- @lylashair 🌹

📸 By: @shotbybdphotography

Creative Director: @smith.kd 🖤

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