Aug 01 , 2016

My weekend was super busy, but fun-filled. It started off with me interviewing the fashionable Brandee “Kurvy J” of Luxe Kurves Mag.  Luxe Kurves is a plus size luxury publication that features upscale fashion, entertainment, and dining all from a curvy point of view.  Brandee, is an example of a woman who fills many hat, and has no plan on stopping anytime soon.

Brandee is a Cali native, who has expanded her business to the Atlanta area.  She is a media personality, who stars in her own online series; Bradee J and Kristy Talk Show. Brandee, like many plus size women understands the struggles of being “Plus Size” in American and decided to become the new voice for the community.  In one year, Brandee has made a name for herself, reaching people all over the world. She did the unthinkable last year by starting Plus Size Fashion Week, during New York Fashion Week.  If that’s not bravery, I don’t know what is.  Her drive and determination spills over when she speaks about her passion.  She and I share so much in common.  I love how transparent she was during the interview.  She holds nothing back, and has truly committed herself to making a difference in this industry. Check out the full interview HERE!

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