Jul 26 , 2016

Hey guys! I had to take just a brief moment to highlight my Lylas Hair. It didn’t dawn on me how long I’ve been wearing this hair. I was on the phone with my stylist last night and we were laughing about how good my hair looked. I purchased my bundles December 2015, for my daughters second birthday party; and it has been with me ever since.

Let me tell you, I’ve had my share of pouring hundreds of dollars on extensions. However, I have never had hair that last quite like this. Everyone who sells hair seems to think they have “good hair.” It’s the nature of the business. I waited some time now to do this review, because I like to be truthful and honest with my reviews. That is what separates me from other bloggers because I will NEVER publish anything if I don’t swear by it. Shan, owner and operator of LYLAS HAIR SALON has been doing my hair for well over five years. One thing that makes her salon unique is the personal attention she gives it and every client; moreover the love and passion she spills into her work daily. I highlighted her last year on the blog (see previous post) and suggest that you refer back to it to read up on her and the love for her business. But today, I really needed to share how the same hair that I purchased in December, has been through two fitness boot-camps, dyed three times, washed (well, to many to count), curled, flat ironed, stored, washed again, and so on. When my stylist and I were discussing the hair last night, she informed me that she has been rocking her same extensions (on and off) since 2014. How amazing is that!

I felt like this post was truly important because I’ve seen too many people burned by hair reps. I myself am guilty of taking the cheap way out and purchasing hair that’s less expensive for the sake of saving money (or at least I thought I was saving). I relate to those who may not be able to spend a lot of money on extensions. But, I will also tell you that purchasing LYLAS HAIR has save me over $1000 this year alone. Back when I purchased pack hair for my longer looks, I would spend approximately $150 for two packs of hair. I would rock the look for about two months and throw the hair away. I could never reuse the hair because it was damaged. Talk about wasteful! Since having my LYLAS HAIR, when I get tired of the look, I simply store and save it. My stylist has colored it to give the illusion of new hair, and restored it back to my signature color, JET BLACK multiple times.

Let me tell you guys that this hair has saved my life and pockets. The prices are affordable depending on the length you want and reliable. Remember, people will sale you anything, but this hair sells itself. Off course, the amount of time it last is dependent on how well you take care of it. To be honest, the maintenance required for this hair is minimal. I can write all day about how this hair is the best and last forever, but if you are anything like me, you need to see for yourself. Check out my social media pages and check the time stamps of my pictures. It will show how long, the different looks, etc. IT’S THE SAME HAIR! So, you be the judge.

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