Jun 06 , 2016

What better way to start of the week then by shopping and saving. I am super excited about my collaboration with Plush Boutique, a plus size store offering chic and sophisticated pieces. This boutique is truly special to me; I’ll get to why that is in a second. I appreciate how much time and effort goes into selecting pieces to sell at this store. All of the clothes sold here are from indie designers; which makes for more unique pieces. I can go on and on about this place, but after I tell you my personal experience with this establishment; I’ll let you be the judge. This boutique was established in 2009 by owner and creative director Wendy. I had an opportunity to meet Wendy back in 2010 when I was looking for an all white dress for my 24th birthday party. She probably wouldn’t remember this; it’s been so long. I was over 250lbs back then and finding clothes to fit my shape was a complete nightmare. My self esteem was always high surprisingly, it was just depressing when I would go shopping and couldn’t find clothes that fit. Anyway, one day I googled “plus size boutique in ATL” and Plush Boutique popped up. I had never shopped at a boutique before and didn’t know what to expect. I GPS the location and to the store I went. When I walked into the boutique I was pleasantly surprised. It smelled so nice, candles were burning, and the atmosphere was so serene. I thought I had walked into a spa for a second. Wendy greeted me as if we were friends and hung out every weekend. She offered me a glass of champagne and water; I took both (I never turn down free stuff). I told her what I was looking for, and she picked five pieces and placed it in the fitting room. She had the best fitting room in all of Atlanta. The mirror and lighting was to die for. After taking a few selfies (back then it was just a picture of yourself), I tried on the dresses. Some fit, some didn’t, but she was right there to assist with different sizes and to answer any questions I had. One of the most memorable things I remembered about this boutique was that it was just me and her in the store. I felt like I had my own personal stylist and store all at the same time. I felt important, entitled, and special. Imagine shopping at Bloomingdale’s, and it’s just you and the sales person in the entire store. How do you think you would feel? That’s how Plush Boutique made me feel that day. Here I am, six years later, 40lbs lighter, and serving as Brand Ambassador for this amazing company. Surreal to say the least! Nonetheless, I am here to tell you guys about this amazing dress Wendy recently sent me to review. The “PAYTON” dress is by far my favorite right now. Remember when I blogged about flowers a month ago and told you how much I use to hate it. Well, clothes that I typically stayed away from are things that I most gravitate to now. Primarily because the only thing that is constant is change. If we never try new things or confront things that we would usually shy away from; how would we ever grow? I picked this dress out of about four other pieces. I also picked it because I thought it would be the most challenging. I’m glad I did! It was the total opposite of what I thought it would be. It was super light and comfortable. Initially, I thought the chest area would be too revealing and distasteful. The dress was very flattering and gave me a shape I didn’t even know existed. This is not a bodycon dress, but it held me in like one. The colors in the dress and the big flower print disguised my midsection, which is my heaviest. Ladies I recommend you order this dress. The colors in this dress screams MODERN and SEXY. Wendy is offering 15% off your complete purchase and free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Simply use code SHETHORO15 to receive this discount. I need all my curvy followers to help me sell this item out. I get absolutely no proceeds from the sell of this dress. I’m just helping a woman who helped me six years ago. She has worked extremely hard to provide better options for plus size women; and to have a boutique opened for over seven years in two locations is a huge accomplishment. She also has a store in Jacksonville Florida, so if you are ever in the area check it out! #SHETHORO15

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