Jun 13 , 2018

A superhero or superheroine (female superhero) is defined as fictional characters from American films and comic books since the 1930’s. These superhumans have special abilities and magical powers that help them fight against evil.  Now, I’ve never read comic books, but I’ve always been fascinated with marvel films and superheroes.  My favorite superhero happens to be Iron man.  Like most superheroes, I love their ability to think outside the box and transform themselves and destroy evil forces in hopes of saving the world.  They may get knocked down or have to go back to the lab to make changes or fix something, but many of them are selfless and heroic. I think you see where this is going….

As many of you know, these past two months have been a challenging one for me and my daughter, Caliyah.  For those who don’t know and/or reading my blog for the first time, she suffered third degree burns in her face from a grease fire.  Caliyah was in an induced coma for approximately one month; having no feeling in her body.  As I relive this story and the events that took place, I couldn’t help but compare it to stories I’ve seen of superheroes, like batman and Iron Man. While in the hospital, after Caliyah came out of her coma and saw her face, I told her we were superheroes.  Her dad and I cut our hair so we would resemble her as much as possible.  Not to mention, the events leading up to this tragedy is something I’ll never forget. I’ll get into details in a later post.

But First………

I want to invite you back to my blog,  I want to once again thank everyone for the love shown.  It felt like we had to disappear or what I like to call it, go “under construction.” See in life there will be test that we just have to go through.  Through those test we must realize that if God brings us out, he brought us out for a reason.  So, here we are with our “SheThoro” capes on ready to conquer the world together.  We will no longer live in the past, but as superheroines, we will tap into the superpowers that God has placed in all of us and look to the future.  Sorrow once filled my eyes, but I realized I have a four year old who leans on me.  So what do you do?  Continue to pray and ask God to guide you. Stay focus on what matters and never lose sight of whats true.

I’m clear why I’m here; how about you?


Capes: Jazzy B’s Closet @jazzybcloset @jazzysoclassy

Make Up: Nikkis MakeUp Lounge @mrsmakeup_artist

Photography: Rhayna C. Photography @rhaynacphotography

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