Jul 18 , 2016

Yesterday as I was driving to my photoshoot, I noticed how blue the sky was. I was in ahh by how perfect it looked and how the sky seemed to open. This inspired me to create a theme for the week called “The Blues.” Traditionally, “The Blues” was used to define an act or feeling of oppression. Much like Blues music, which is a genre of music composed in the South that told narratives of harsh realities in the African American culture; a loss of love or police brutality against African Americans. While “The Blues” still exist and we are living in a time of war and rage; people are angry and upset about the prevailing killings that has been happening. We as people are angry and showing no empathy towards each other because of what seem to be a never ending horror story. Today I post, not to tell people how to feel; but to give a different meaning of the word blue.

Blue is not only the color of the sky and sea, but often represents confidence and stability. Blue, much like the sea; creates a calming effect. It somehow grants serenity and peace. The same peace and calmness you feel when on a beach vacationing. It’s the same peace I saw when looked up at the clouds driving to my photoshoot yesterday. The feeling of knowing that the pain and hurt that we’ve been feeling these past few weeks too shall pass; or will it?

It’s important that we stand together in unity in our “Blue” and give it a different meaning. There’s many shades of all of us; much like the color. Some will be good, and some will be bad. But the true meaning of the color never changes. Instead of singing “The Blues” or feeling “The Blues,” the complexity of issues that seem to be never changing starts with us. We have the power to convey its meaning and have it evolve into different cultures. Besides, imagine if the color was removed from the world; specifically, the sky and sea. What color will fill its void?

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