May 01 , 2019

Wigs are becoming more and more popular than ever before. I remember a time when wigs was considered a hair piece for older people and someone experiencing hair loss. Now, the culture has adopted wigs and they have become more mainstream.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why wigs aren’t going away:

Medical Reasons

Wigs are a huge necessity for individuals who have experienced hair loss due to cancer, burns, and other medical issues.  Alopecia (hair loss) affects as many as 6.8 million people in the U.S. with a lifetime risk of 2.1% (naaf.org).  Because wigs are so popular now, wearing a wig for hair loss no longer has to be done in secret.  It’s now accepted, which has put so many people at ease.

Saves Time

If you have a demanding schedule like mines, then you know that wigs can definitely save you a lot of time.  Let’s face it, doing hair can be very time consuming.  With so many of us being our own bosses, going to school, and wearing many different hats; throwing on a wig will definitely make your life a lot easier.

 Saves Money

Who doesn’t like to save money?  Wigs can be very expensive depending on the type of hair, color, or style you get. Social media has really contributed to the hair industry and caused wig prices to soar.  Nevertheless, there are still wigs out there that are quality and affordable.  My wigs on average are about $400.  While that may sound expensive, they last me for years. For example, I’ve had my bob wig for over 2 years now. On average, a sew-in can run you around $300 (with or without hair included) depending on where you live, and last for only 2 months.  Trust me, with proper maintenance, wigs can last you for a few years.

Protective Style

Wigs serve as the perfect protective style. Whether you have natural or relaxed hair, wigs allow you to give your hair the break that it needs at times. Protecting your hair reduces ongoing manipulation of the hair, and encourages hair growth retention. You have the ability to protect the ends of your hair strands, wash and condition it, and also moisturize it as needed.  Wigs can definitely afford your hair the luxury of relaxation and wellness that it deserves.

The Perfect Look For Photo/Video Shoots

Wigs are no longer something just for “Celebrities.”  I’m sure when you scroll down your timeline on Instagram or even Facebook, you see so many of your family and friends rocking a wig to enhance their look.  As a blogger and media personality, I’m always looking for ways to switch up my look; especially for my shoots and red carpet appearances.  Wigs to me are just as fun as dressing your outfit up with accessories and/or shoes.  It’s a statement piece that can take your entire look to another level. It also serves as the perfect accessory when you’re doing a themed look for your shoots.

Now that you have read why wigs aren’t going away anytime soon, do you think you’ll invest in one?  If so, be sure that you do your research and know exactly what you’re getting.  There are so many hair companies and businesses selling so called “quality hair,” when really you could end up wasting a lot of your money and time.  Be sure to embrace the visible changes that wigs have to offer and allow it to boost your confidence at times when you need it the most.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and looking for someone who makes custom wigs and offers exceptional services, checkout LYLAS HAIR.  You will not be disappointed.

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