Jan 31 , 2018

Sometimes change is the hardest thing to accept. Whether it’s life or death; we often get drowned in society definition of acceptance. To think my SOAR blogpost was the realest thing I’ve ever wrote; having another mother say, “YOU SAVE OUR LIFE” is scary. Scary because no matter how confident we “THINK” we are; the idea of having someone else’s life other than your own or something that you‘ve birth is a total different feeling; overwhelming to say the least. Here I am, little ole me, just wanting to bless someone with the resources that was provided to me; not knowing that it would manifest into something so much greater. I have a four year old daughter; and could never imagine reading terrible thoughts about her not wanting to exist. The harsh reality is; IT’S HAPPENING! Here I am thinking I was saving someone else life; when really she saved mines. #MYWCW #SPIRIT

A MOTHERS TRUTH: A few years ago I got the urge to check my daughter’s phone. I opened her “Notes” to find a series of short stories detailing her days leading up to her committing suicide. Each story started with “I almost got the nerve to end my life today” and ended with “countdown”. Story after story detailed how much she hated being dark skinned with short hair and how she couldn’t understand what she was even brought to the earth for. She just wasn’t happy and her self-esteem was nonexistent. Thank God for his spirit because I caught her before she took my pain pills the next day like she detailed in her writings. Since then I’ve tried my best to show her that her beauty isn’t measured by anyone else’s standards but God’s and her own. For her 15th Birthday this year I reached out to a good friend @SheThoro. I told her I wanted to make it magical and she did that and more. We started the day with a brunch and prayer finishing with a makeover and photo shoot. She brought in the whole team, Makeup artist, professional photographer and even celebrity stylist Felipe G. When my daughter saw the final look she tried but couldn’t hold back the tears. Saying “ I just feel so beautiful”. Not that those things alone makes you beautiful but also that it was done with love and just for her. The energy in the room made it hard for me to hold back tears. To see my baby who once hated her whole existence turn into this young woman with so much confidence made this day one she will remember forever. I have to thank #SheThoro and everyone who made this possible. Our children are suffering in silence people and it takes a village. Talk to your kids. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Trust me #YouAreNotAlone


This wouldn’t of been possible without my amazing team.  I APPRECIATE YOU! ALWAYS AND FOREVER

Stylist: Felipe G Stylist

Makeup By: Enhancebylai

Photography By: Rhayna C. Photography

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