Apr 04 , 2017

What Makes You Qualified?


When you think about that question, what comes to mind? I’m laughing now as that question replays over and over in my head, but it was not so funny a few days ago. I recently applied for a position that I felt I was overly qualified for.  Not knowing that after two long weeks of waiting, I would receive what I felt was the most devastating news ever in my whole 30 years of living; “We went with another candidate.” Some may be thinking, “Big deal, it’s just a job.” While others may feel, “Girl you are super talented and there will be more opportunities.”  As much as both of those statements make sense, it didn’t quite feel that way a few days ago. I battled doing a post about this. It’s pulling so much out of me to even talk about it because this was something that I wanted so badly. When I started my blog, I vowed to be completely honest and transparent. Writing about the ups and downs in my life is also therapeutic for me.  Which lead me to write this post and talk about a word that’s inevitable in life, DEFEAT!

How many times have you felt defeated? I know your life may be perfect, but I can name a zillion times that I’ve felt this way. I’ve conducted more interviews on the red carpet than the ones I’ve actually had to walk on in my career and I’ve learned from all of them.  The people I’ve had an opportunity to interview such as Musiq Soulchild, Toya Wright, and Tameka Foster (just to name a few) all have the same thing in common; the word DEFEAT.  At some point in their lives they have been in a place where they felt defeated or cheated by life. Musiq Soulchild’s story particularly stands out after being nominated for a Grammy twelve times and not winning once. Does a Grammy really define his ability to create great music?  Does any award solidify his contribution to music?  After receiving the news, I really had to put things in perspective and understand why I was put on this journey.  Unknowingly, we get drowned in our own thoughts and focus so much on the defeat and not listen to the sound.  A wise woman once told me, “It may look like defeat, but it sound like victory.”  So, how will you turn your defeat into victory?

For me, sharing my stories is what makes me victorious. I receive emails all the time from people asking me how I do certain things or balance work, passion and family.  My response is simple, onUp.  The word represents a movement that help people move from financial stress to financial confidence.  For me, the word onUp is something that I apply to my everyday life.  Whether it’s financial stress or simply the stresses of life, onUp to me is overcoming defeat and being able to embark on the journeys of life FEARLESSLY! My sole purpose is to help change the lives of the people that I encounter.  My passion is to continuously write and share the stories of the people who can’t necessarily tell their own.  So as you continue on your journey and quest for more, remember defeat will come always.  The word “no” too is inevitable.  The key to it all is staying consistent and rooted on improving and shaping your future. Most importantly, never lose sight of what makes you qualified!




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