Oct 04 , 2018

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall season thus far.  Although it still feels like summer, I’m super prepared for the cool weather.  In my last post I discussed fall colors and later decided to do a write up on some of my favorite accessories.  I plan on stepping it up this season by including more accessories to my wardrobe.

First I would like to start off with this super cute faux leather cabby hat.  I scored this amazing hat at Forever 21, and it’s by far my favorite. This hat gives off a 90’s vibe, and I’m so here for it.  Looking for the right accessories isn’t always easy.  I often find it hard to match that perfect accessory to bring out my outfits.  What I did discover from some of my favorite magazines and fashionistas is don’t focus so much on it matching.  Be bold and let your accessories stand out.  I love how this burgundy cabby hat don’t really match the red and royal blue in my sneakers.  However, it has its on vibe and matches perfectly with my onesie.

Accessories is a vital part to your wardrobe.  Some may choose to go with a minimal look, while others prefer something bold and eccentric.  Whatever it may be, as long as it stands out and create its own vibe; you’re guaranteed a win every time. I look forward to seeing you in your favorite fall accessory. Don’t forget to email me pictures of you favorite fall looks. Who knows, you may receive something cool in the mail from me. Until next time… XOXO

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