Aug 05 , 2016

I’ve received a ton of emails on the dresses I wore over the weekend for my blog events. I decided to do a quick post to give you guys the REAL.  My life is very fast paced, so I’m always looking for looks that are fashionable and can easily be dressed up with some heels and moderate accessories.  I discussed in a previous post my love/hate relationship with an iron.  It’s something that I don’t care to do, but I do understand it’s necessary at time.  For me, I love materials that require minimal ironing.  I simply want to grab and GO!

These are the two simple looks that I rocked over the weekend.  The coral dress appears to be a wrap dress, but it isn’t.  However, it fit like one; camouflaging my mid section. This material required no ironing and was super comfortable.

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