Jan 23 , 2019

When I look back over my life, I think back to a time when I was living without a purpose.  My life has taken a turn in the last year, which has allowed me to grow quicker then I anticipated.  Life pertains to the significance of living or existing in general.  While some may define the word with various meanings, I’ve analyzed the word to better understand the things I can and will do differently, so I’m not just merely existing.  Why are you here?  What is life all about?  What is your purpose for living?

For some, the meaning of life may derive from a philosophical or a religious standpoint.  It’s symbolic meaning may be associated with social ties, consciousness, and even happiness.  As stated before, it looks different for everyone, and I wanted to simply share what it look like for me in hopes of encouraging someone out there whose trying to make sense of the word.  Many of you may know that my daughter suffered third degree burns to her face last year.  It was one of the most horrifying things a mother could ever go through. At times, I was unsure of the outcome, but I had faith things would work out.  With the support of family and friends, I remained hopeful and prayed constantly that my baby would come home.

After quitting my seven year career in the financial industry, I felt lost.  I doubted myself and even regretted it, as I struggled to make ends meet and to learn the ends and outs of being a full-time entrepreneur. Scary, but I’m so happy I didn’t give up! My daughter is now healthy and in great spirits.  My business is thriving, as I continue to build solid relationships and brand with a purpose.  Lets just say I’m in a better space.  What I’ve learned most about LIFE is that you’re not alone and everyone is trying to find the meaning of the word.  It doesn’t matter what age, time, or season; everyone is searching for something greater and have a new set of needs and desires.  In order to understand the true meaning, we often have to re-evaluate and find other ways to address those needs and desires.  It’s forever changing and if you’ve been through any kind of trauma in your lifetime, you know that LIFE has a way of humbling you quickly.  My needs and desires changed so drastically.  I no longer yearn for the things I use to.  I’m no longer quick tempered or easily to respond to nonsense.  LIFE for me is serving and making people smile.  LIFE for me is appreciating all about the things that God blessed me with; like family, friends, and a beautiful daughter who SURVIVED.  LIFE matters because we exist within and among living things, and at any moment it can be taking away from us.  So find your purpose for living and do more of whatever that is.  Sometimes life is brutal, but its meaning is worth the pain.  Besides, how will you ever grow if it never rains.


“One who persists is a person of purpose.”

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