Apr 04 , 2019


Chick-fil-a’s new frosted milkshake is back at being center of attention with its bold flavors and light taste.  Made with a blend of key limes, kaffir limes, Persian limes, and sugar free lime flavoring, this milkshake is a sippable version of the pie. I had the pleasure of partnering with Chick-fil-a on Memorial drive and enjoying one with my mini me.  Just like most things on Chick-fil-a menu, this milkshake is definitely a hit. Much lighter than a milkshake, it also includes superfoods like spirulina and turmeric, so you feel a little less guilty.

Visit your local Chick-fil-a and try their new Key Lime Milkshake. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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