Feb 10 , 2017

What is the real meaning of LOVE?  There are so many definitions that describe this four letter word.  LOVE, is a word that we seek, we cherish, we share, and we fall into.  It’s an intense emotion that is a part of us whether we choose to act on it or not.  Moreover, love is a choice to be at your very best and look past the flaw of others, even when they’re not at their very best.  So, is LOVE really blind?

As we continue our countdown to Valentine’s Day, understanding the word LOVE is truly important. Although it sounds cliche’, LOVE is blind. Often times we allow our wants to supersede that of others, focusing only on ourselves. Is that why some are single, while others are in healthy relationships or married?  Is there really an answer to a word that has so many definitions and means something different to each individual?  However you look at it, LOVE obviously runs deeper than just one day and should be celebrated everyday. While we all have our “blind” moments when dealing with LOVE, are we truly searching within ourselves to explore something so deep; or merely basking in a desired dream.

While LOVE taste different to all of us, whatever it means to you, I challenge you to continuously explore it.  We often try to conceal the pain and hurt that this word has brought us in the past, but just deal with it.  If you truly LOVE someone, your wants sometimes is not important.  Live without fear and embrace those “blind” moments and allow it to grow you. Accept love on “blind” faith and allow it to show you.  Besides, the best LOVE often comes from the ones we do not see.

Just My Thoughts…

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