Jan 17 , 2019

It seem like everywhere you go people are talking about FASHION NOVA.  Thats right, the popular online fashion store for women and men has made its way to the top, as the #1 place to shop for stylish and affordable clothing.  I heard mixed reviews about the brand, so I waited a long time before jumping on the “Nova” train.  Well, the wait is over and I’ve officially become a “Nova Bae.”

I get so overwhelmed when I’m on their site, because there’s so much to choose from.  I shopped their black Friday sale and purchased three pair of jeans, a red formal dress, two midi dresses, and a faux fur coat all for $130 bucks.  You definitely can’t beat their prices, but for me its all about the quality. When I received my package, I was thoroughly impressed.  The dresses were lined, the jeans fit perfectly, and my coat was super warm and didn’t look cheesy.  My package included a 30% off coupon on my next purchase, which was even more impressive.  I’m all about saving my coins this year, so Fashion Nova will definitely by my go to when I’m looking to stay within budget.

Click HERE to shop my looks and don’t forget to check out the new CARDI B COLLECTION!

Happy Shopping

Photo Cred: Rhayna C Photography

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