May 22 , 2017

Who’s ready for summer? I’ve been gearing up for the upcoming summer months and the warm weather. I recently fell in love with one of the biggest fashion trends; off the shoulder tops. From shirts, to jumpsuits, the off the shoulder trend is a must have this summer; and here’s why!

I love the off the shoulder trend, because of the many options it offers. I wasn’t a huge fan initially, because I felt like everyone was wearing it.  Receiving so many free clothes from companies has spoiled me in a sense because I really don’t shop as much.  After visiting a few stores and seeing so many versions of this look, I was completely sold! It can be dressed up or down and is super versatile. When worn with jeans, it gives off a super casual look; but put on an off the shoulder dress and you have the perfect look for a summer wedding or dinner date.

In the look below, I decided to pull off the super casual off the shoulder look. I have an off the shoulder shirt in almost every color. For my plus size girls who have big arms like me, these shirts are perfect for camouflaging that area.  The shirt exposes just enough skin, while accenting your neckline perfectly.  Who wouldn’t love that?

If you are looking to get summer ready, be sure to grab a few off the shoulder options. From dresses, to shirts, to jumpers, you will be thoroughly pleased by how easy it is to style and pair with existing pieces.  This look will have you looking effortlessly cute and comfortable all at the same time.

How do you rock your off the shoulder? Leave your comments below!

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