Oct 13 , 2016

Last week I attended the Ragtrade Fashion show, showcasing emerging designers. Angela Watts, founder and producer took Atlanta by storm with one of the best runway show in the southeast.  It’s no secret that Atlanta has created its own lane when it comes to fashion; with some of the most innovative and creative designers. This event attracts industry influencers and gives up-and-coming designers the opportunity to display their lines on a premiere runway.

This year’s show included designers Kenya Freeman “Sylvia Mollie”, Natt Taylor, Onyii and Co, William Malcolm, Apoteca, and Fred Foster “Cease and Desist.” I loved how each designer encounter with style offered something interestingly unique.  One of the top sponsors for the event was Lincoln Motor Company. This was by far one of the best fashion shows I’ve ever attended.  Here is a recap of the event.  Checkout Ragtrade Atlanta for information on each designer and how to shop their amazing collections.

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