May 21 , 2019

In fashion, comfort and style don’t always go hand and hand. Did you ever feel that you had to sacrifice one for the other? Well, not anymore! If you’ve been tuning into fashion magazines and street styles, then you know sneakers is the go-to for giving your wardrobe the ultimate sporty-chic look. Reebok is a classic childhood favorite of mine. I grew up in Queens, New York where every girl owned a pair of Reebok Freestyle Hi-Tops aka 54-11’s. I remember having several pairs and wore them with EVERYTHING. It was one of the first athletic shoes created for women and very popular in the hip hop community in the 80’s (Wikipedia). Since then, Reebok has expanded its sneaker brand and have an array of designs today. We all know that what’s old is new again and although the 54-11’s was one of my favorite pair of sneakers, I decided to purchase the Reebok Aztrek. I was on one day and came across them. They were only $56, but I loved the color and how comfortable they looked (I have an eye for shoes). I quickly ordered them and couldn’t wait for them to come in the mail. Once received, I was thoroughly impressed by its asymmetrical design and neon accents. I ordered a size 9 in women’s, which is usually the size I wear in women sneakers. They ran very big, so I had to go into the store and exchange them for a size 7 in women. Nonetheless, these 90’s classics are definitely trending and here to stay. Sneakers are having such a moment in the fashion world right now; especially the “chunky” sneakers. There are so many on the market these days, but for less than $70, the Aztrek is a deal you can’t beat. It’s actually a lot lighter on the feet then it appears, very durable, and the perfect stylish running shoe. Paired with a skirt or a dress, you will create a capsule collection that will be remembered for years to come.

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