Feb 15 , 2018

Have you ever felt true LOVE? Not that artificial LOVE that we feel when we meet someone for the first time and think he or she is the “one”, or the LOVE we have for a designer purse or jeans.  I’m referring to that authentic substance and or feeling; that starts from within. The kind of love that allows you to forgive the same person who hurt you. Have you ever had that feeling? The feeling that have you smiling for no reason at all.  That feeling that screams confidence and have people looking at you like you’re going crazy, because you’re just happy.  The kind of love that allows you to give to others; even when it’s your last sometimes.  The love that allows you to give people roses while they’re alive, rather than waiting till they die. Yeah, that kind of LOVE!

Growing up, Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays.  Even as a young adult, whether I was single or dating, I knew that when February 14th came around I was guaranteed a gift. But is that really the reason to celebrate the day of “LOVE”? Fully understanding that we all have different love languages; should the emphasis be weighed so heavily on teddy bears, chocolate, and romantic dinners on this one day?  I’ve heard so many answers to this questions over the years and before writing this post.  I have so many friends (married and unmarried) who say they don’t even celebrate the holiday anymore in their household. Then I have some who says they will kill their significant other if they didn’t acknowledge them on this day.  Scary, huh?

I’m not quite sure where you fall in all of this, but for me, it’s simple.  I’ve grown and have come to the realization that love should be displayed daily.  When I put together my vision board for this year, I included red roses.  The red roses symbolize being more giving this year and more cognizant of giving roses to people while their alive as previously stated.  Red roses are probably the most cliché rose ever; but black roses are rare.  Last year I did a photoshoot with Rhayna C Photography in a black dress with a beautiful red rose on it and a split that went up my thigh and accentuated my curves.  Just like so many people I fell into the cliché of the red rose, totally overlooking the depth of a black rose.  I felt that red rose exemplified beauty and was the end all of roses that represented the true meaning of “LOVE DAY”, but I had it all wrong.

As I enter into a new space of self-discovery, I decided to do a photoshoot wearing a beautiful blouse with black roses.  While some may look at black roses as having a negative connotation like grief, rebellion, or death; a black rose for me symbolize hope, a rebirth, and yeah death; death of the old me.  You see, for me love has transcended into something greater; something pure.  It’s one of those things that you can’t quite explain, you just have to go through it to understand.  What I will say is that it’s a beautiful feeling.  It’s a more mature love that symbolizes freedom, balance and truth. It’s a sweet love that’s patient and unselfish.  However, just like the black rose; it’s also dark, rare, and confusing.  As we commemorate today and any other day, let us remember to spread love daily and not just on this holiday. Most importantly, remember to love yourself first.  Beauty not only lies in red roses, but also in you.  That’s why I’ve discovered roses can be black too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending My Love To Celebrity Designer Avnah Long For The Vest! #SheThoro

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