SHE RISE | NYFW - AVNAH Collection

SHE RISE | NYFW - AVNAH Collection

Jan 28 , 2024

Avnah Long, a resilient fashion luminary, embodies the triumph of passion over adversity. Her journey, marred by personal loss and setbacks, didn't deter her from pursuing her dreams. Instead, Avnah emerged stronger, dedicating over 20 years to honing her craft.

As the creative force behind AVNAH Collection, she breathes life into high fashion and couture, carving a niche with her distinctive aesthetic. Avnah, a self-taught artisan, harbors a humility that contrasts her remarkable talent. Instead of becoming a gatekeeper, she opens doors for aspiring designers, especially young girls chasing their dreams.

Her resilience becomes a beacon for those navigating their path in the competitive world of fashion. Avnah Long, undeterred by setbacks, stands tall, weaving dreams into every stitch, proving that passion, perseverance, and a generous spirit can illuminate even the darkest runway.

Avnah's incredible journey culminates in a dazzling spectacle, as she prepares to unveil her latest masterpiece at NYFW on February 9, 2024, at Wallace Hall on Park Ave. This showcase isn't just about couture; it's a testament to Avnah's unwavering dedication and the triumph of creativity over life's challenges.

I'm thrilled to announce that SheThoro will stand by Avnah's side, offering support in every conceivable way. Avnah Long's resilience, spanning over 20 years in the fashion industry, deserves every spotlight. Witness her passion, perseverance, and artistry illuminate the runway – a celebration of dreams woven into every seam.

Hurry, tickets are going fast. Be apart of this extraordinary moment.

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