SheTalks with Fatboy SSE “Be Yourself”

SheTalks with Fatboy SSE “Be Yourself”

Feb 26 , 2018

I sat down with Instagram sensation Fatboy SSE to discuss the industry and how he’s adjusting to fame.  As he recalls, “I’ve been funny all my life.” I’m sure many of us can say the same, but how many of us have actually taken the gifts that’s already inside of us and maximize it to its full potential.  I must say this was one of my best interviews.  Despite me being sick and me accepting this interviewing at midnight (YES MIDNIGHT); I really appreciate his transparency.  I was able to be my true authentic self and talk to him as if I was having a conversation with one of my homeboys.  I didn’t care about my words being repetitive, or me messing up; all I cared about was the content and him spilling out the truth.  I think I said “DOPE” a million times in this interview, and that was because the energy in the room was so thick and real. It was late, but the vibes allowed me to really see this young man in a different light.

Fatboy SSE is only 23 or 24 and his journey has really just begun.  The deals that he has on the table are what people in the industry work their whole career to receive.  I say that to say; the power of simply doing what you love is endless. He has remained grounded throughout this initial process and has taking comedy to another level, simply by utilizing his social media platform for “FREE.” So, don’t let your dreams die people and remember to always, “BE YOURSELF.”


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