Mar 22 , 2017

With the constant change in weather, I really don’t know if I should shout about spring finally being here or just hold off for a few more weeks. March has always been a tricky month when it comes to the weather but this year has been unusually different.  I made it back to Atlanta from NY just in time before the snow storm hit last Tuesday. Atlanta weather is even more confusing because one minute it is hot and the next minute it’s cold. This is really driving me INSANE!!

This spring, I decided to keep it simple. Before I go packing away my winter clothes, I left a few of my longline cardigans out. You know the dusters that you can practically pair with anything? This has been my go to with the changing weather. They are warm enough for the cool days, and cool enough for the warm days.  I love how lightweight they are and go perfect with bodycon dresses.  I did a post about dusters last year, and am not surprise that they are still a fashion essential this year.  In the picture below, I am rocking a cream colored duster that I purchased from Forever 21.  I literally have them in all colors. Don’t judge me!

So, before you go throwing your winter clothes to the back of the closet; you might want to hold off. Find that piece that can protect you from this changing weather.  For me it’s a duster, but for you it could be that bomber jacket that you love so much or even your favorite joggers.  Whatever it is, don’t get caught out there unprepared.  Trust me; we will have plenty of time to show some skin. True fashionista’s can adapt to changing seasons and I know that to be true.  This weather has been very tricky and still has me questioning, “spring, it that you?”

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