Jul 19 , 2016

I have “The Blues.” No, really I do! Not ‘The Blues” you may be thinking of, but the new meaning of blue. As I discussed in my last post, the color blue have a way of bringing a calming effect on me. It’s a color that somehow eases me when I’m not feeling my best. More specifically then the color, fashion has that effect on me as well. Often times when we are feeling “blue,” we have a tendency to dress that way. We have no desire to get dress or look the part. But why is that?

I surveyed six of my friends; both male and females who felt the exact same way. Chances of them getting dressed up after a breakup or an argument with a close friend were very slim. The energy that we should of been putting into ourselves, we lost by putting it into someone else. We’re all guilty of it. I’ve experienced a few break ups in the past, and each one brought out different emotions. One thing I’ve learned from them was to never look how you feel. So what if someone doesn’t like you anymore or a friend is mad at you. Why should you result to looking vulnerable? When we “feel blue,” instead of looking “blue,” it only brings more discomfort. So, I have an idea!

The next time you find yourself sad or going through some troubling waters; get dressed up! As hard as that may seem; as draining as that may be, you will feel so much better. The thought of losing someone you loved or that regrettable reaction we feel when a friend is mad at us, only worsen when you look that way. Instead, throw only the perfect little “blue” dress with some simple heels. You will be surprise by the newness that it will bring and the void that it will fill.

“If you are sad, if you are heartbroken, make yourself up, dress up, add more lipstick and ATTACK!” ~CoCo Chanel

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