Dec 05 , 2017

The holidays are here, which means the parties are too!  Don’t worry, SheThoro is here to help you. The last thing I need you worrying about is what to wear.  The hardest part about holiday parties is trying to decide what to wear.  Do you dress up or down, what shoes to wear, do you go with flats or heels?  The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money on clothes when you’ve extended your Christmas budget twice on gifts.  So, I’m here with a few looks and tips that may help you this holiday season and get you ready to celebrate with a peace of mind.

I can’t stress how much I fell in love with Mabel Marie and their clothes.  I know I know, I’ve blogged about them a lot lately, but my job is to report things that work and clothes that fit our body type (our meaning my audience). I spoke earlier this year about trying to stay away from the color black and stepping out of my comfort zone and suggested you do the same.  Those who follow me have to admit I did just that, however, I found this cute black dress for $20 bucks at Mabel Marie that I couldn’t pass up.  I mean it screamed “HOLIDAY PARTY GIRL, TAKE ME HOME.”  This amazing scuba dress is super comfy and flattering for any body type.  It’s a stretch material in the mid area which accentuate and flattens the tummy.  The ruffled look is in and give the dress a splash of sophistication, mixed with a little bad ass!

The next look is a sexy lace see through dress. The dress has a lot of stretch in it and is the perfect dress for a private party with your significant other or friend.  I’m wearing a size large in both dresses. The beauty in black is you can pair it with shoes and accessories you already have. Black is and will forever be CLASSIC! I decided to try a burgundy lip this holiday season which also works well if you’re trying to stray away your traditional look. I will be posting some more holiday looks from other fabulous stores and designers to help you prepare for your holiday parties.  I hope this post give you some ideas and make life easier during this busy time of the year.  Besides, celebrating with the people you love is the reason. Tis’ The Season

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