Jun 21 , 2018

I was traveling down I-85 south a few weeks ago and came up on a construction site. Is it me, or do it always seem to be construction on the highway when you’re trying to get home? Anyway, my GPS pulled up a faster route that would save me nine minutes. I started to veer off to the exit, but instantly thought to myself this route will take me off course. After dealing with my current situation, I realize that in life we have to trust the process and not take shortcuts. While shorter routes may eliminate traffic, save time, or even allow you to find a new route; I’m finding that going through the constructions of life prepares you for whats ahead.

Two days before my daughter was severely burned, we made a video outside in front of my home. It was the night of Thursday, April 12th and I was taking the trash out. She ran behind me as she always does and pointed to the stars. I picked her up and looked up at the sky.  The sky seemed to be filled with more stars than usual and it was a sense of calmness in the air.  I wanted to take that moment to tell her how much I appreciated her and how thankful I was for her.  I recorded this moment, because I wanted to capture the essence of it all (check it out on my Facebook page:(LATOYA HEYWARD).  Here we were standing outside in the driveway, in our SheThoro shirts, looking at the stars.  If you’re a mom, you know that its the quirky moments that always turn out to be the most memorable. In the video I stated we would “GO UNDERCONSTRUCTION,” not knowing that Friday I would be admitted in the hospital and that Saturday she would too.

I have to say that what I experienced in the last two months has shaped me for whats ahead. It allowed me to become closer with my daughter, take more time for self, and really listen to my body when it’s telling me to: SLOW DOWN.  In order to sustain your beauty and health, these things are essential. Like the modern GPS, it may give you the shortest route, but is it really always the best? In life, going through a little construction 🚧 is not only needed, but necessary.  How would we ever learn patience, appreciate time, or handle whats to come after the construction.  Lets not mention gaining more compassion for those who wasn’t giving a “shorter route” as an option. So while your journey may be different, and the shortest route may work for you at that moment; don’t fear a little construction.  Don’t allow faster routes to cripple you and remain steadfast as you navigate through life.  I’m learning more and more that the lessons I’ve learned while going through a little construction, could never be replace for the sake of saving nine minutes.

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